Who is Valent?

The founding of Valent OÜ dates back to the beginning of 1991. During this long journey, there have been good times and bad times. At the beginning of 2019, the owner of Valendi changed and the founder of the company is now retired with honor.

New winds are blowing in Valendi – we have expanded our product range and use different craft techniques (embroidery, felting, crochet, lace, etc.) in the design of our knitwear.

Just as craft skills have come from my mother and especially from my grandmother, and hopefully I can pass them on to my daughter, so our knitwear, skillfully made from high-quality materials, will last from generation to generation if properly cared for.

If until now all the production was exported, now we would like to be available in our country as well. In addition to the online store, our knitwear can be seen and tried on in our office/sales room in Tallinn, Kiisa 8. Please inform us of your arrival in advance by calling 5205001.

We pride ourselves on our product range and speed of service. We invite you to share our love for natural wool yarn and knitwear designed from it.

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FREE transport for purchases over 100 euros.


Long-term experience and high-quality materials guarantee the best quality.


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